Soy & Cancer Risk

Selective reporting of the facts can be very deceptive especially to the uninitiated, the report on the Reuters website regarding soy and reducing breast cancer risk , would seem to be promoting increased consumption of soy products.

Yet despite this amazing discovery, there is no mention of the type of soy product.

Why is it that there is no mention on type type of soy products consumed.

I believe the reason that there is no mention; is that all people

Soy Protein Isolate / TVP/SPI (particularly women) who consume soy will realise the truth and that the type of soy products being promoted in western culture are in fact dangerous and cancerous to your health should you consume products from Soy Protein Isolate (SPI / TVP).

The Study was done in Japan and as such it would be assumed that the Soy Product which reduced cancer would have been fermented Soy products and not the Soy Protein Isolate eaten by most western people.

Soy is a Naturally toxic food and the only safe soy food is fermented soy.

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