Babynews kicked off the discussion over Soy Protein Isolate and the impacts upon your child's health.

However the health impacts are not just purely isolated to your child/ baby but the health impacts are upon teens, adult men, teen boys and yourself as a mother.

One of the main reasons for the health impacts, is that soy (specifically SPI) is a hormone disruptor, just like Bisphenol A which is being used in Baby bottles to make the baby bottle clear, rigid and shatterproof.

However the health impacts do not stop at being a hormone disruptor but there are other problems such as the red blood cells clumping, enlargement of the pancreas, depression of the thyroid function, not forgetting that 99% of soy beans are genetically modified.

History of Soy

Up until the Chou Dynasty (1134-246 BC) the Soy bean was not considered a food source, unlike the other four main grains of barley, wheat, millet and rice.

The reason behind not using soy as a food source is that; soy was initially considered a nitrogen fixing plant, a plant to be used in crop rotation and to return nitrogen to the soil. Interestingly the pictograph of soy emphasises the root and not the seed and stem of the plant. Around the Chou Dynasty period, the discovery of fermentation techniques lead to products such as miso and soy sauce.

Later towards 2 BC the Chinese discovered that when soy is fermented and precipitated with calcium sulfate (plaster) or magnesium sulfate(laxative), the food source TOFU was discovered. The Chinese did not eat the soy bean as it was full of natural toxin (anti nutrients), unlike other legumes.

Soy Protein - the Toxic Alternative

Today we have confirmed what the Chinese have known for many years, that being; SOY is full of natural toxins.

Soy contains haemaglutinin which causes red blood cells to clump together.

Soy also contains enzymes which block the action of trypsin, which aids protein digestion, causing gastric diseases, reduced uptake of amino acids(essential for growth in children/babies) potentially leading to enlargement of the pancreas and cancer.

The high phytate content in soy beans means that there is a lower absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc and magnesium. Zinc being a mineral essential for brain functioning and healthy reproductive systems(esp men).

The fermentation process actually reduces many of these toxins as well as deactivating the majority of the growth suppressants. In precipitated products such as tofu, the enzyme inhibitors, concentrate in the liquid and not the precipitated product.

More is better ?

The Asian Cultures such as the Japanese and Chinese, began to incorporate Tofu, Miso into their diets, however they did not solely rely upon Soy as their only protein source and hence ate soy with other meat products, balancing out their diet. Western culture on the other hand in their extremes, figure that if some is good for you then more is better, this philosophy is further extended later in the discussion. When the West discovered that Asian Countries were eating Tofo, studies were initiated and soy protein started to look like some new super human medicinal food, touted to show benefits such as preventing conditions as diverse as heart disease, hot flashes, osteoporosis, kidney disease, Alzheimer's disease, and even cancer.

Consequently; westerners started consuming more and more tofu, forgetting all the while; that the uptake of minerals such as zinc and iron was not as good when using tofu (as a protein supplement) and they began to exhibit mineral deficiency problems.

Soy Protein Isolate - the other meat?

When soy is not fermented then the natural toxins are still going to be in the soy bean. This is where the lovely capitalist came in and destroyed everything. The Soy bean was getting alot of press; the asian countries eat soy products and have better life etc(confusing cause and effect) so the reasoning goes if they can isolate the soy protein then this must also be good as it is after all Soy bean.

This is called Soy Protein Isolate (SPI), which is created en masse where a slurry of soy beans is made, an akaline solution is added to remove the fibre and then it is separated with an acid wash and neutralized by an akaline solution...eeeeewwww yuk...

The Acid washing take place in aluminum vats and as a consequence aluminum is leeched into the solution..

Nitrites are formed during the spray drying of SPI, this is a known carcinogen, artificial flavorings are added to make the SPI taste more like meat and to disguise the bean taste.

I will be following up this article on the toxins we feed our children and the impacts of Soy Protein Isolate (SPI, a known hormone disruptor) on our babies.

Even just considering the process to create the soy product regardless of whether fermentation take place or not, there are too many chemicals in the process... Got Natural and stay away from these Chemical laden products which only help line the pockets of greedy CEO's.. Your Children deserve better...

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