In the December 2007 RACV Child Restraint Evaluation Program, the RACV and the NRMA conducted a Child Restraint Evaluation Program which looked into the current availability and safety of Child car seats, These were tabled in a report and is referenced in the report. Unfortunately the Safe-n-Sound maxi Rider Mk II was not included in the evaluation and should be redone to verify the results.

The report is divided into 3 sections; these include:

  • Rearward facing restraints for Babies - For babies up to 9kgs; 70cm long, from birth to 6 months
  • Forward-facing restraints for young children - For young children 8-18kgs; from 6-9 months to approximately 5 years
  • Booster seats for older children - For children 14-26kgs; until they are large enough to be safely secured by an adult seatbelt.



The Safe n Sound Maxi Rider Mk II Car seat has a versatile design and is of a large size meaning that it is suitable for children up to 26kgs.

The Maxi Rider Mk II has a safe and sturdy construction with large side wings and very comfortable padding with the plush cover on the Maxi Rider Mk II being removable to allow it to be washed.

One those extra long journeys your child will love the cup holder to store some small toys or to hold their drink.

Two other aspects not to be over look include that it is easy to install and Safe n sound have an excellent safety reputation, testing above and beyond the Australian Safety standards.

This is surely one of the safest car seats around that your child will be very secure and safe in this car seat, best buy

Cons: New harness is necessary once children reach 18kgs - an added expense of $60-$80.

Both the Maxi Rider Mk II or the Maxi Rider AHR (Advanced Head Restraint), both with significant changes over the original Maxi Rider. The Maxi Rider Mk II has an extra clip which means that you can have both the H harness (or protecta harness) and the seat tethered to the anchor bolt, as well as excellent side wing protection which means less head trauma in the event of an accident.

The Safe n Sound Maxi Rider MK II is suitable for children from 8kg to 26kg, protecting your child as he/she grows.

The maxi rider Mk II features new and improved cushioning for supreme comfort , a tether strap to attach to your cars anchor point, Split crotch straps and patented Anti Submarine clip and additional height as the AHR head rest extends.

The Maxi Rider Mk II elevates your child for a better view and the correct use of the seat belt

Other features include :

  • Push Button harness adjusters and tensioners
  • Energy absorbing re-inforced back and side wings
  • Seat belt locator for use in booster mode
  • Two rotating cup holders

Cheap Safe n Sound Maxirider carseats

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