BPA Free baby bottles - ebay guide

Surprisingly the ebay guide BPA free baby bottles is beginning to advertise on google adwords, i am not sure why as the information about baby bottles is purely concerning the American market and no attempt has been made to identify the Australian made or owned companies producing BPA free baby bottles, In fact no Australian BPA free baby bottles are mentioned.

There is no information in the ebay guide, as to which baby bottles are BPA free or which companies are producing BPA free baby Bottles, We at babyclearance-centre are proud to be Australian and will let you know exactly which Baby bottles are BPA free, which bottles are owned by Australians and which are made here in Australia.

The article was last updated in January 2008, so it is somewhat out of date and without access to up to date information, then it makes it difficult to make a decision. One important omissions is the Canadian study release in April 2008

My last comment on this guide is that it does not link directly to the articles, whether this is a problem with ebay prohibiting the user from making external links i am not sure, but we here at babyclearance will always link to the original source.

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