At long last some of our Australian politicians are starting to listen to the concerns of mothers and parents alike. For way too long; manufacturers and large companies been allowed to add whatever chemicals they like in order to maximise their profits and keep the economic bubble expanding.

You will hear the platitude that we need to be competitive and reduce our cost down so that we can compete on the world stage.. Well enough is enough... We do not want out children to be poisoned anymore, we are tired of seeing more and more of our children get breast cancer before their years, we do not want the early onset of puberty for our sons and daughters. we want out children to grow up strong and healthy and no parent ever wants to see their child die before them..

Eight months ago i wrote one of my first pieces on BPA free baby bottles and the impacts upon children and the studies being done in canada and how they had banned the chemical from being used in childrens products. In this article I called for nicola roxon to take a stance and do something to help out children, but nothing happened, I am guessing there were more pressing issue other than our children.

Well in April 2009 the greens have finally taken a stance on Bisphenol A (also known as BPA).

DR John Kay of the greens is taking this issue to '..the Australian food regulator to act urgently to protect infants and all Australians by banning this dangerous chemical from use in food containers," Dr Kaye said.'

For more information: John Kaye 0407 195 455