Why do we need BPA

AUSTRALIA should follow Canadas example and ban BPA. Children and babies do not have the choice to determine whether they want to be poisoned by the chemical (BPA - Bisphenol A) in the bottle to make the bottle clear, rigid and shatterproof. If a child was asked, would you like to increase your chances of breast cancer, prostate cancer or an early onset of puberty I am sure they would not answer yes I would love to develop breast/prostate cancer.Nicola Roxon ban this horrible chemical and help our children be free of this chemical and grow up normally..

BPA free bottles

From my short investigation I have managed to identify the following Other Branded BPA free baby bottles.

  • MAM ultivents - uk based company
  • Boon BPA free baby and toddler feeding -origin unknown
  • Green To Grow baby feeding bottles are free of phthalates and free of bisphenol A (BPA) - USA made
  • Eco Child sells a brand called Adiri - Adiri BPA free baby bottles are completely unique and are shaped like a mother’s breast to make that transition to bottle feeding that little bit easier and safer.
  • Medela bottles are BPA free
  • Nuby bottles are BPA free and can now be bought at Target - Made in USA

BPA Free baby Products

looking for a Australian Retailer who stocks everything which is good for your baby check out eternal source for their range of BPA free baby bottles, organic skin care products, organic linen and other eco products

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