Valco Rebel Q Stroller Review

Pros: The Valco Rebel Q steers easily, with a large storage area, it looks great, with a huge hood, the telescopic handle makes it easy for tall adults to steer. As it reclines flat, then it is great for a newborn. The storage space underneath is handy handy when you do shopping

Cons: The Rebel Q stroller can be difficult to collapse,and the seats can be tricky to undo.

Overall: Many postive features and benefits, and providing you can handle the hood ok and are not bothered by the difficult pram, then it is a good pram

Valco Rebel Q Stroller Description

Combining practical features with contemporary good looks, the all new Rebel Q is not just a pretty face! The quick release reversible seat allows you to configure the Rebel Q so that your baby can face to or away from you and the telescopically adjustible handle will make pushing the Rebel Q as comfortable as it is effortless. Test drive the new Rebel Q and see for yourself what the fuss is all about.

  • Telescopic handle adjustment
  • Reversible seat
  • Extra large hood coverage
  • Front storage access
  • Concealed brake system
  • Four wheel suspension
  • Fitted bootcover
  • Hold up to 20kgs

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