The valco rad stroller is a light wight stroller that parents and grandparents will love so many great features

Valco Rad Stroller Review

Pros: If you are tall you will love the extendable handle and the higher seat, means you will not stress your back lifting bubs in and out.

The pram is relatively light, and even Nanna and pop, they will be able to put into the car without taking it apart. The reversible seat is handy when out in rainy weather as you can just turn bubs out of walking into the wind, rain and hot sun. good value for money.

Cons: The front two wheels are a little small for getting down gutters. The front canopy can sometimes 'pops' out of place.

Overall: The Valco Rad is not the cheapest out there, but you want your baby to be comfortable and to be able to take your baby out in any weather, the Valco Rad meets these requirements plus more. Trials on our grand children showed they were comfortable and were happy in the stroller, what more can you want...

Valco Rad Stroller Features

Sporting the ultimate in super chic styling, the new RAD is lots more than just a pretty face! Engineered for newborns up, the 3 position, easy off seat can be removed at the intuitive press of 2 large buttons. It can then be fully removed, turned to face in either direction or the chassis can be fitted with the optional bassinet.

The telescopic handle adjusts to suit most any height and the innovative fold system is sure to delight!


  • Telescopic handle adjustment
  • Swivel seat recline system
  • Bassinet (optional)
  • Easy Off reversing seat system
  • Bootcover
  • Quick Release rear wheels

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