Valco Prism Stroller Review

Pros: The Valco Prism is easy to steer(making it a dream to take shopping), fitting down narrow aisles easily, good sun shade coverage, lightweight, sturdy and stable, the basket is large and can fit light shopping in.

Cons: The Valco Prism stroller lacks a pocket/wallet to put keys, and a viewing window in the canopy(to keep and eye on bubs). The basket underneath can be difficult to access when the seat is fully reclined

Overall: Overall a great stroller. Steers easily, wonderfully compact, the sun shade offers excellent coverage. and Looks good to boot. The brake can be fiddly to put on(double check when applying them) . It takes up very little space in the boot and is great for zipping around busy shopping centres with athe little ones..

Valco Prism Stroller Description

The stylish new Prism stroller is packed full of features. From the fully reclining seat to the one touch brake system, the one hand operated fold to the super smooth removable swivel wheels, the Prism simply oozes practical style and value.


  • Adjustable airflow
  • Side flap
  • Front footrest
  • Removable rear wheels
  • Removable front swivel wheels
  • One touch EZ brake
  • Reclining seat

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