The Valco Latitude Stroller is a lightweight stroller; which is easily manoeuvred around the shopping centres. Read more why we love it

Valco Latitude Stroller review

Pros: Attractive, Lightweight, easy to steer and can manoeuvre around shopping centres (fits down aisles easily) easily . The Adjustable handle is great for for taller people.

Cons: Some people may find it difficult to fold; the storage basket may be too small for an average daily shop (just essenitals). When the seat is fully reclined; it is difficult to access storage basket. Like most lightweight strollers; care must be exercised, when placing shopping on the handles as there is a tendency to tip backwards;

Overall: Nice pram for the price tag. Lightweight, but still sturdy and easy to manoeuvre.

Valco Latitude Description

Lightweight and compact, the Latitude stroller ushers in a new era in 3 wheel stroller design. The convenience of a fully reclining seat means your Latitude provides loads of comfort for your newborn or toddler while the telescopic handle adjusts heights for your maximum comfort. The Latitude stroller is designed; to go everywhere; where ever your busy lifestyle takes you.


  • Multi height adjustable telescopic handle
  • Fully reclining seat
  • Fitted bootcover
  • Fitted rain cover
  • Hood sunshade
  • Super compact flat fold system
  • Removable front bar
  • One action brake system
  • Super large storage basket
  • Adjustable footrest

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