Valcor Zee Two Duo Pram

The Valco zee two pram is a great twin pram which is surprisingly easy to manoeuvre and fold (it is a Clean Fold, meaning that the Inside of the pram seat has no contact with the outside when folded). This means the pram stays cleaner for longer), as well being lightweight to handle.

Full reclining seat is ideal for snoozing newborns and older children when they need a rest.

The Valco Zee two incorporates all the features of the single model with cushioned and generously tall seat sectionsand is suitable for newborns and onwards.

Unlike most competitors, the Valco Zee family is forward folding. This means that the stroller is not only very compact and stands when folded, but the seat section as it is a clean folding system and there is no direct contact with the ground.

Both seats have independently adjustable recline, footrest and sun canopywhich includes our unique Expanda hood feature which offers even more shade and protection from the elements.

All four wheels; can be removed with the push of a button; allowing maximum flexibility for storage

This pram has heaps of shade with the Extenda-Hood, tiseems to be really comfortable for the kids to ride in and they will love being in it.

The double basket is easily accessible; even with the seats reclined; it is easy to steer and is very light. Mums will love thhat it is easy to put up and down and it is possible to carry it with one hand.


  • PunctureProof tyres -The Zee Two tyres are tubeless which means that they will never puncture
  • Removable Wheels - the wheels on the Zee Two can be easily removed
  • Large Basket - The Zee Two has a large basket, making trip to the shops a breeze

Forward Fold - Protects the

  • inside of the pram from dirt and inside of pram seat has no contact with the outside when folded.
  • Expanda Hood - For extra protection from the harsh sun or cold rain.
  • 5 Point Harness - Keeps your child secure
  • Adjustable Footrest - Footrest adjusts to five different positions
  • Concealed Brake System - Marked in red according to Australian Standards. The concealed brake system; has been aesthetically streamlined; without compromising function or safety.

Valco Zee Duo pram Specs

  • Open: 870L x 760W x 1015H
  • Folded: 703L x 760W x 450H
  • Inside Seat: 205L x 280W x 500H
  • Age: Newborn +
  • Weight Limit: 20 Kg per seat
  • Weight with Wheels: 13.5 Kg

Car Seat Fitting

Do not stop at selecting a great pram; make sure your children are harnessed correctly in a baby car seat.. As a parent; you need to know how to use your car seat correctly this can be done by reading those boring manuals and experimenting.

Get it right the first time with an ACRI certified baby car seat fitting expert. In Melbourne we recommend Anthony from Child Restraint fitting 0420 516 587

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