Pros: The Safe n Sound Royale car seat is extremely well padded, easy to use, and simply a delight to swap in and out of two cars.

The Adjustable straps are easy to use with the cover coming off very easily and is easy to clean. The Safe n Sound Royale does come with additional extras which you are so grateful when it comes to cleaning up and protecting bubs. The extras include Shoulder pads, Sun hood, Baby insert and crotch cover.

Cons: This is not really a big deal but the straps can easily get twisted in the buckle and may be difficult to tighten until you straighten the straps

Overall : The Safe n Sound Royale Car seat is an excellent value for money, offering a large number of accessories such as the sun hood, messy mat etc, and being one of the safer car seats on the market as rated by RACV.


The Safe n Sound Royale car seat is suibale for babies from birth through to 18kg

The Safe n Sound Royale has a Push Button Retractor (exclusive to Safe-n-Sound) and converts from a baby seat (rear facing child seat, up to 12 kg) to a forward facing toddler child seat, featuring contoured side wings safety cell technology for valuable side impact protection with a sunhood for greater protection.

The stabilising bar provides greater safety in a case of an accident, with a exclusive frontal recline mechanism for
easy adjustment of the seat and a machine washable and removable cover for easier cleaning.

Other features include

  • Seat Belt Lock off for forward facing positions and push button harness adjuster
  • Baby Insert
  • Storage Pocket
  • Includes sunhood
  • Messy Mat protects your car seats
  • Superior side impact protection with safety cell technology,
  • Includes contoured side wings

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