PRO's : The Safe n Sound Premier Car seat is not the most expensive car seat from safe n sound but quality and comfort is never compromised at safe n sound. The Premier car seat is soft and well padded, as well as being convertible, allowing the Premier car seat to be used in the rear facing position from birth to a forward facing position for toddlers.

The Single press button retractor allows making adjustment to the harness easier, with an easy to clean cloth making it easier for mum and dad to clean up after life's little spills..

CONS : Unfortunately the safe n sound Premier does not have a sun hood or anti slip mat as well as you need to check carefully that the seat will fit into the back seat of your car without the need to move the drivers of passenger seat.

The Premier car seat is suitable for babies from birth through to 18kg

The Premier converts from a baby seat (rear facing child seat, up to 12 kg) to a forward facing toddler child seat, featuring contoured side wings for valuable side impact protection, luxury padded insert for increased comfort.

The frontal recline mechanism allows for easy adjustment of the seat and a machine washable and removable cover for easier cleaning.

Other features include

  • Head padding reduces impact in the event of an accident
  • Wide Comfortable Seat
  • Delux Streamlined base
  • Converts from baby car seat to toddler car seat
  • Convenient push button retractor
  • Luxury padded insert for increased comfort.
  • Uniquely attached stabilising bar
  • Frontal recline
  • Available in Graphite Suede, and Camel Suede.


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