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The Platinum AHR carseat is one of the worlds safest car seats, from baby to toddler. Winning the 2006 Australian Design award; where Safe N Sound test their car seats to not just meet the Australian Safety standards but to exceed them.

The Australian Safety standards are the toughest standards in the world so when you buy a Safe n Sound car seat you know that you have quality and safety without compromise

The safety of this seat cannot be beaten , with a easy to adjust harness, and a large comfortable seat, ensuring small babies are well protected to accomodate babies from birth through to toddler.

The AHR (Advanced Head Restraint) system ensures your child is protected in the event of a side impact collision.

CONS: The seat is very bulky and may take up alot of room in the back seat of your car, and should you get a dark colour you may find that it attracts and tends to hold the heat in the car. Though remember when driving down the road in your new 4 x 4 and you reflect, the cost and size does not matter when the safety of your child is at stake.

Platinum AHR carseat DESCRIPTION

The Platinum AHR carseat is Australia's safest convertible carseat, with the best side impact performance of any car seat in Australia (exceeding all Australian safety Standards).

The Platinum AHR features a multi position head rest which grows with your child for longer safer use, removable machine washable covers for easier cleaning, a convienent push button retractor and a sunhood for greater protection.


Safe n Sound Platinum carseat features

The head rest and baby insert are a "seat within a seat" for even greater protection of your child. with Plush - luxurious trim and an exclusive frontal recline for easy adjustment of seat. Other features include

  • Built in stereo speakers for relaxed travelling
  • Multiple Seat belt lock off for forward facing positions
  • Storage pocket
  • Full Length messy mat to protect your car seats
  • Winner of 2006 Australian Design Award for excellence in innovation and design
  • Multi position headrest grows with your child for longer, safer use.
  • Accommodates larger children, providing superior side impact protection
  • Head rest and baby insert are a "seat within a seat" for even greater protection for smaller babies
  • Includes exclusive frontal recline for easy seat adjustment and multiple seat belt lock offs for greater safety and stability
  • Machine washable, ultra plush luxurious trim that includes sunhood, messy mat and extra storage pockets

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