The 5 point harness can only be used till 18kgs when you need to just the adult seat belt. If you child is still under the 18kg weight limit, consider a forward facing seat from Safe n Sound. If they are over the 18kg limit, then some of the dedicated booster seats are equally as safe.

Some organisations will tell you that the convertible Boosters are not the way to go as they invariably compromise on safety and features, however firstly considering that the latest report from NRMA and RACV is from December 2007; then the information at hand to the NRMA and RACV is somewhat out of date and does not include the maxi rider mk II car seat from safe n sound.

The Maxi Rider Mk II or the Maxi Rider AHR (Advanced Head Restraint), both with significant changes over the original Maxi Rider. The Maxi Rider Mk II has an extra clip which means that you can have both the H harness (or protecta harness) and the seat tethered to the anchor bolt, as well as excellent side wing protection which means less head trauma in the event of an accident.

The Maxi Rider features new and improved cushioning for supreme comfort , a tether strap to attach to your cars anchor point, contoured side wings for valuable side impact collision a recline mechanism with a built in head pillow and will elevate your child for a better view and the correct use of the seat belt

Other features include

  • Seat belt locator
  • Wide comfortable seat
  • Available in Pure Black, Midnight Grey and Oxford.
  • Features AHR (Active Head Restraint) technology to provide valuable side impact protection. The unique adjustable AHR head rest grows as your child does
  • Converts from a forward facing seat for 8kg to 18kg infants to a booster seat for children up to 26kg
  • Exclusive patented Anti-Submarine clip for use in booster seat mode. Deep wings for side impact protection fitted with EPS liner for added head protection for the child
  • Built in child harness to 18kg which stores away when not in use. Harness adjustable by push button
  • Luxurious fabrics plus additional cushioning and padding all over. Includes two cup holders (suits cups, drink cans and fruit boxes) that can be rotated into a stored position when not in use
  • Includes pivoting arm rests, a recline mechanism, seat belt locator and split crotch strap all for added comfort and safety.

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