What is all the fuss about the safe n sound hi liner booster seat

Hi Liner Booster Seat Review


The headrest holds your childs head upright when he falls asleep. It is easy to use with the car seat belt (can be use with added harness) and it doesn't take up too much room when you have a small car and in some it will allow 3 across, Anti-submarine clip is a great safety bonus.

The padding on the bottom of the seat is a little thin

Overall :
Great for if you have limited space in the back seat, looks good and is versatile for the growing child.

Booster Seat Description

The Hi-Liner SG Booster seat from Safe n Sound includes features such as

  • exclusive Safe-n-Sound SLIDEGUARD Clip
  • arm rests and retractable cup holders
  • Deep side wings to contain your child's head and body
  • one hand adjustable headrest

The SLIDEGUARD Clip is a life saving device that prevents your child from sliding under the lap-belt (submarining) during impact, thus minimising the risk of abdominal injury.

Hi-Liner SG is the first Expandable Booster Seat designed with slots in the seat cover and shell. This child booster seat is compatible with Safe-n-Sound Protecta Harness for added safety.

Deep side wings contain your child's head and body, and in the event of a crash they sheild your child from impacting with the vehicle door. The EPS foam liner provides additional protection and in the event of a crash absorbs energy, protecting your child's head

The one hand adjustable headrest is simple to change height to comfortably fit child

The red colour coded seat belt guides indicate the path and positioning of seat belt for ease of use. Includes arm rests and retractable cup holders

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