Guardian car-seat Review:

Coming very soon the new G type Seat from Safe n Sound titled the Britax Guardian seat, Will this be a rebranding of the maxi rider, no doubt the safe n sound fan will want to watch out for as Infa-Secure has already realease the Infa Evolve seat so parants can have a internal harnessed child restraint until 8 years of age (50th percentil)

Sturdy and well made, long lasting fabric design. Rearward facing up to 12kg (unlike other brands which can be only up to 9kg). Tall wide - lots of room to grow.
Fits well into most cars and harness adjustment works well.

Not the cheapest seat, quite bulky rearward facing, difficult to fit with 2 other seats across the back.

A great quality seat. Adjustment and fitting is as simple as any other seat, harness is easy to adjust and keeps working. Takes up quite a lot of room rearward facing or to try and fit other seats next to it, but in most cars/situations this doesn't make much difference. A good buy if you want the luxury of the most expensive seats without the difficult adjustment of AHR or the huge cost.

The Safe n Sound Guardian Car-seat is suitable for babies up to 4 years of age and is able to be used in a rearward facing position for toddlers up to 12 kg in weight

Features of the safe n sound guardian car-seat include:

  • Innovative one touch push button retractor harness adjustment.
  • Side impact protection.
  • Exclusive front recline allows adjustment without removing the seat.
  • Grows with your child - converst from baby car seat to toddler car seat.
  • Uniquely attached stablising bar provides greater safety.
  • Luxury padded insert and head pillow for increased comfort.
  • Messy mat for car seat protection
  • Easily removable and washable cover.

Other features of the safe n sound guardian carseat include:

  • It has comfortable seat
  • Includes baby insert
  • Comes with shoulder pads
  • Converts from rearward-facing to forward-facing seat

Cheapest Safe n Sound Guardian Carseats Online

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