The Safe and Sound Explorer carseat is very similar to the Safe n Sound Maxi Rider Mk II with the Maxi Rider Mk II having cup holders and arm rests. Both the Maxi Rider Mk II and the explorer are the same height, have the anti submarining clip, both can use the Protecta harness and both seats have a compartment underneath for the harness to store in when the seat is being used in booster mode.

However the width of the Maxi rider Mk II is slightly wider, with the explorer hasving 4 slots for the seat belts and the Safe n Sound Maxi Rider Mk II having 3 slots.

Other Features and Benefits of the Safe n Sound Explorer include:

  • Contoured side wings
  • Tether strap attaches
  • Comes with wide and comfortable seat
  • Converts from a forward facing seat into a child booster seat
  • Recline mechanism
  • Soft head pillow
  • Seat belt locator
  • Removable cover
  • Machine washable

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