Pros: The Safe n Sound Compaq Deluxe car seat converts from rear-facing to forward facing with several possible tilt angles as well as fitting into smaller cars very well with two other passengers also in the back seat.

The Safe n Sound Compaq Deluxe car seat and cover is easy to clean and install and is recommended by the RACV and Choice who have both rated the Compaq Deluxe to provide exceptional crash protection and well above the Australian Standard requirements.

Cons: As the Safe n Sound Compaq Deluxe car seat is specially designed to fit into smaller cars, it can be difficult to get the baby in and out of the car seat, however safety has not been compromised into the smaller size. When installed in the middle you may notice that the seat does not sit well, however Safe n Sound do recommend that the Compaq Deluxe be installed on the side.

Overall excellent value for money and should you be considering in having more that 2 children within a short space of time then go for the Safe n Sound Compaq Deluxe car seat.

The Compaq Deluxe is suitable for babies from birth through to 18kg

The Safe n Sound Compaq Deluxe has a compact design and is suitable for small cars, and converts from a rear facing child seat to a forward facing child seat, featuring contoured side wings for valuable side impact protection as well as a sun-hood for greater protection.

The stabilizing bar prevents rebound in a case of an accident, with a machine washable and removable cover for easier cleaning.

Other features include

  • Multi position harness
  • Adjustable Crotch strap
  • Easily converts from rearward-facing to forward-facing child seat
  • Baby Insert
  • Messy MatS
  • Stabilizing bar prevents rebound in an accident
  • Machine washable cover, removable for easy cleaning
  • NEW Safe n sound COMPAQ CARSEAT

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