britax maxi lite review

Britax Maxi Lite Summary - From a safety perspective; a fully harnessed seat is much safer than using a booster with a lap sash seat belt. It is for this reason alone; we cannot recommend convertible boosters; however on a budget it sometimes may be the only choice.

The Britax Maxi Lite is a convertible booster seat; which will keep your child harnessed from roughly 12 months of age. The seat then converts to a booster seat from at least 4 years of age.

The Britax Maxi LIte is another name for the britax maxi rider which has been around many years. The introduction of the 2013 australian standards for car seats saw the introductoon of the Maxi Guard (g type seat) and the maxi Lite. In 2018 the Britax maxi lite was discontinued in favor of the old maxi rider.

Britax Maxi Lite Harness

The harness adjustment on the Britax Maxi LIte is an easy adjust lifting a lever at the top of the headrest. In keeping with britax easy adjust, the increment size is roughly 15mm, meaning that you can keep your child in a better fitting harness. Tightening the harness is very easy using a lever under the front flap; when the lever is lifted; and both haress straps can be pulled easily.

Potential mis-use

The harness adjustment uses the same lever in both harness mode and booster mode. There is potential for misuse by the carer/family to stay in harness mode, past the booster shoulder height marker.

In harness mode, it is not allowed, past the the shoulder height marker for booster mode. When this is done; the car seat in-correctly and not how it was intended. This potenial mis-use may lead to possible injury as the seat has not been tested for harness use past the booster shoulder height marker.

Booster mode

Once your childs shoulders are past the shoulder height markers (for booster mode); the harness needs to be tucked away and the anti-submarining clip removed and attached to the buckle. The lap section of the adult seat belt passes through the anti submaring clip; thus ensuring your child cannot slip underneath the lap section of the seat belt.

Anti submarining clip

The Anti submaring device is only available on Britax boosters and convertible booster seats. The deivce helps to stop your child from sliding underneath the lap section of the seat belt. Making Britax convertible booster seats the safest on the market.

Conclusion Britax Maxi Lite

The development and release of the 2013 australian standards, saw a better solution than using a convertible booster seat; such as then britax maxi lite.

The extended harnessing seat (eg britax maxi guard) was the solution. The extended hanressing seat kept a child in a harness; until they are at least 7 years of age. With the development of the extended harnessing seat; therefore there is little need for the convertible booster except on price and even then the difference is minimal.