Britax maxi Guard review

The Britax Maxi guard child restraint is the new G type seat from Safe n Sound.

The Britax Maxi guard child restraint is a G type seat; which means the child will be harnessed from approximately 6 months of age to around 8 years of age. What this means to a parent; is that you no longer need to use the additional harness which has normally been sold with the hi-liner.

Additional Harnesses

Despite the fact that testing for the additional harness is not carried out on the hi-liner seat; it was still being sold as an optional accessory. Should any baby shop try to sell you an additional harness with a hi-liner; simply point out that you want a G type seat; so that your child will be restraint until they are 8 years of age.

Extended harnessing

As a parent; you will want to make sure that if you are using a new G type seat; that you will be able to lift the headrest up to its maximum height without interference from either the roof of the car or the head rest. Does the headrest impact with the seat.

As a parent with a small car and the small space I have in the back seat; I am very confident that the new maxi Guard from Britax will easily fit into my hatch.


Any grandparent know only too well how messy children can be and despite the fact that most car-seat manufacturers include a messy-mat with the child restraint, it still does not stop the crumbies from getting everywhere or stopping your grandchild from dropping ice-cream of chocolate onto and into the car-seat. Making the car-seat cover very messy quickly.

Maxi Guard Recline

Despite my grand-daughter being almost 4; she still gets tired and loves to sleep in the car; so to me, it is very important that it is possible to recline the child restraint.

Maxi Guard Conclusion

The test of time has should the Britax maxi guard to be an easy to use and adjust toddler car seat, which has a recline that allows sleepy children to sleep easily without the head flop. The addition of the TEX fabric means that cleaning of the seat is now much easier.

Should you have difficulty in installing the Britax maxi Guard please seek the help of a professional baby car seat installation expert