Carseat Reviews

Infa Secure

Infa Kompressor Caprice Baby Carseat

The Infa Kompressor Caprice carseat offers an amazing range of features; not withstanding a beautiful design and the highest levels of safety for your child.

The Infa - Secure Kompressor series of child restraints; has a newly designed very small footprint helping it to fit 3 across smaller cars.

The design of the infa Kompressor helps to make installation easier; by providing better and easier access to the vehicle seat-belt buckle. This makes it possible to fit three child restraints across the back seat; when other car seats will only fit 2 across  the rear seat.

The Infa Kompressor child restrain has a narrow width; and the shortest rearward facing length of any 0 to 4 car seat,.

The Infa Kompressor series child restraints are Type A2 restraints; meaning they are suitable for rearward facing to a large 12 month old (average 30 month old).

The Infa Kompressor is currently the only rear facing child restraint; which has been designed in Australia to incorporate a unique rebound base, preventing rebound in case of an accident.

All this means you don't have to deal with any extra steps; involving pull-up rebound bars, or worry about hard plastic objects becoming hazards in the event of an accident.

The five shoulder harness slot heights and nine recline positions in forward facing mode; cater for an extremely broad range of children, from 12 months to large four year olds (average 6 year olds).

The Kompressor Caprice  series features the easy to use single belt path; making installation a breeze, whether in rearward or forward facing modes.

A easy and simple pass-through threading of the seatbelt; the attachment and adjustment of the top tether; means the Kompressor series can be installed in under a minute - perfect if you frequently move the restraint between vehicles.

Safe N Sound

Safe n Sound Compaq AHR Carseat coming to stores soon

Safe n Sound are releasing the new Compaq AHR to baby shops shortly. For many years, the number of Australian parents buying smaller cars; is on the increase despite the number of people buying 4wd and SUV's seemingly to also be on the increase. A result of this is that Safe Compaq (Britax) are redesigning carseat to fit smaller cars.


The new Britax Compaq AHR; now features Britax’s unique Active Head Restraint (AHR); which assists to protect your baby’s head in the case of a side impact. The addition of the AHR increases energy absorption in a side impact crash by as much as 25%.

The new Safe n Sound Compaq AHR has a smaller footprint; which reduces the rear facing installed seat depth by 15mm.


Some of the key features of the Britax Compaq AHR carseat include:

  1. Active Head Restraint (AHR™) – provides head protection as your child grows.
  2. Easy Adjust Harness - no need to take the car seat out of the car; to rethread the harness as the child is growing; helping to reduce the likelihood of installing the carseat incorrectly.
  3. A new push button to adjust the Easy Adjust Harness from the front of the seat.
  4. The large side wings are EPS lined; and have been constructed to contain and protect your child’s head in a side impact crash.
  5. The Safe-n-Sound Compaq AHR is ideal for cars that are smaller internally in width. Families with 3 children across the back seat (all in car seats) will benefit from the new slimcompaq AHR design.
  6. The narrow external width allows for better access to seat belt buckles, making it easier to install the carseat.
  7. EZ-Buckle system keeps the harness buckle in a forward positio; and prevents your child from sitting on the buckle when getting in.
  8. Suitable for children from birth to 12 months – rearward facing; then from 12 months to approx 4 years of age – forward facing.

The new Safe n Sound (Britax) Compaq AHR Carseat is available in 4 colours – Blue, Black, Grey and Cool Berry

Maxi Cosi

Maxi Cosi euro carseat

The Maxi Cosi Euro carseat is keeping babies cool in Europe; and now with the Australian summer on the door step. The Maxi cosi euro carseat will be keep Australian babies cool all summer long in the sweltering Australian heat.

The new euro fabric employs a wicking fabric; which helps draw moisture away from your baby's skin allowing air to flow through the fabric; keeping your baby cool and comfortable.

The Maxi Cosi Euro Style convertible car seat is for parents who love good design with intelligent innovation. The Maxi Cosi Euro not only looks good but it feels good also. Using the Maxi cosi ‘Cool Baby’ feature wicking fabric; which draws the moisture away from your baby. The maxi cosi carseat will stop your child from getting too hot in the australian summer; when they are strapped in. Each exciting maxi cosi carseat also comes with an amazing and matching detachable blanket; to keep your babies little legs warm.

Besides all these great features and benefits, don’t forget about the importance of rearward-facing. All parents know that rear-facing is the safest way to travel. Combine this with Maxi Cosi's unique Air Protect side impact protection, it’s the best way to protect the head and neck.

With the Maxi Cosi Euro you can have your baby traveling for up to 12 months rear facing position. When your baby’s shoulders have reached the lower height marker; you can turn the seat around so it faces forward; and have another 3 years using your favorite maxi cosi car seat.

The Euro Convertible carseat is suitable from birth tot approx. 4 years

The Euro carseat comes with a car-seat protector (with insulated pocket protector) for when bubs forgets to eat nice and cleanly as well as a detachable blanket.

Other great features of the maxi cosi range is that they have introduced an Accident Exchange Service and are now offering an extended warranty of 6 years in the seat and 3 years on the fabric