maxi cosi mode is it the best car seat

Summary : Not Recommended: Feedback from Parents on the seat indicate that the Maxi Cosi Moda is a difficult to use seat(tightening in rear facing mode); and that an average 3 year old will outgrow the seat, well before they are ready for a booster seat

Maxi Cosi Moda exit markers

The maxi cosi moda is designated a 0-4 year old seat; however when you take a tape measure to the shoulder height markers; parents/carers quickly notice that the top (exit) shoulder height marker is considerably lower (by around 1.5 to 2 cm). This would equate to 10 to 12 months less use; therefore an average child hit the exit marker at around 3 years of age. In comparison to 4 years of age in a Britax Millenia

Maxi Cosi Moda issues

In rear facing modes many parents have reported that it is practically impossible to tighten the harness. The solution many parents; use is to un-fasten the back cover and pull the harness straps from behing in order to tighten the harness.

As a Professional child restraint fitter (since 2012), I demonstrate to parents; how to fully and correctly use the seat (including work arounds for issues such as tightenng the harness). When demonstarting how to change the harness strap height; roughly 80% of the mothers struggled with pressing the levers in at the top of the head rest; however the fathers did not have this difficulty. This difficulty can lead to some parents mot moving the headrest/harness up as the child is growing leading to incorrect use of the seat and potential safety issues.

The stabilising bar/rebound bar appears to be almost vertical; meaning thhat it sits some distance from the cars seat. In case of emergency braking it is the authors feeling the rebound motion with be more extreme. To minimise the back angle for the child; the 3 position angle adjustment can be used; however this in turn will cause the back angle of the child to be higher and more of a chance for head-flop. In September 2019 Maxi Cosi released a bulletin to indicate that padding should not be used; as such professional fitteds can no longer use padding to help out with head flop.


When isofix is used on the maxi cosi moda, for installation then, in the majority of the cases; the installation will not be as firms as using a locking clip and the seat belt. The best car seats for an isofix installation are Brtax car seats (co-creators of isofix with VW). The reason is that their isofix system works the majority of the time with a narrow footprint allowing for easier and more direct connections to the isofix points.

Harness Twisting

Many parents will notice twisting of the harness straps, and is more prevalent in rear facing mode than forward n facing mode. The anti-twist piece of fabric of the Maxi Cosi Moda; is designed to prevent twisting of the harness; however in reality the issue of harness twisting is directly related to the thickness of the webbing.

Conclusion : On paper; the Maxi cosi Moda uses alot of catchy phrasing however in practical terms the seat does not measure up for the price and the feaures do not work as well as they should. it is recommended to look at the britax Graphene or the Britax Bfirst