maxi cosi luna car seat

maxi-cosi luna car seat sideview

Maxi Cosi are keeping all information under wraps regarding their new extended harnessing (Maxi Cosi Luna) type g baby car seat, according to bugs n grubs it is supposedly built from the ground up/ built from scratch. This claim is a little hard to believe when you consider that the Australian Car seat market is a very small percent of the global turnover.

Maxi cosi have called their extended harnessing seat; the Maxi Cosi Luna car seat.

Maxi Cosi Luna Sai GLobal Certificate

Great to see that maxi cosi have DONE the paper work for the Maxi Cosi Luna and they have certification from Sai Global


From the description provided by bubs n grubs then the Maxi Cosi Luna. has some of the features of the maxi cosi vela, such as

  1. the fabric covering the back of the seat, this is supposed to prevent wear and tear/marking or leather seats
  2. helpful harness guides which help prevent twisting of the harness straps

Harness guides - Maxi Cosi seats

The last point is truly a non issue as it only happens in rear facing mode and there are videos on youtube showing how to remove the twists which can sometimes happen in rear facing mode. It is the authors opinion the so called harness guides are more of a hindrance and get in the way when trying to secure your child into the restraint.

Adjustable crotch strap - Maxi Cosi Luna

Information provided by bubs n grubs team indicate that there is a fully adjustable crotch strap both length and position (forward and back on the base of the seat, 3 position buckle adjustment). this is not a truly amazing feature as other manufacturers also have this feature, so a matter of just catching up.

It is a well known fact that the depth of many Maxi Cosi and safety 1st seats (from back of the seat(with insert removed) to the buckle position the depth is only 12-14 cm) are not as deep as other brands (comared to anther leading brand which has a depth of 18 cm) and parents complain that the buckle is pulling against the child. hopefully this issue will be corrected with the new Maxi Cosi Luna.

Keeping your baby cool

A standard in all current range of new seats, the Maxi Cosi Luna uses wicking fabric to draw moisture away, this is the similar to the britax thermo5 fabrics and the infa secure treo fabrics, so no real bonus in this point either, to have a cool fabric is now the norm on many car seats.

Maxi Cosi Luna adjustable head rest

maxi-cosi luna car seat front view
Forward facing car seat with adjustable 8 position air protect headrest with chin supports. The adjustable head rest with Air Protect is unique, with ONLY two sets of Air Protect Cushions built in! Compare this to the Secur-air system which has three layers of protection with ACT (Air cocoon technology). ACT is built into the shell of the Infa secure seats (try the hug test on an infa seat)

Lastly we are told the lower pair are shaped and able to be adjusted independently to suit your child as they grow and are angled to prevent head roll . It was my understanding that the natural position is for a child's head is to turn to the side, if the child head is locked into position will it lead to a higher chance of head flop ???

From the images it can be seen that the maxi Cosi Luna is based upon the design of the Aura (as this is the only design where the head rest adjustment can be done single handed).

Maxi Cosi Luna Tensioning strap

With the Maxi Cosi Hera and Euro; there was a recall issue where the fabric of the car seat cover got caught under the release mechanism, causing in some instances for the harness to become loose. This resulted in the redesign of the car seat cover so that the fabric would no longer get caught.

This philosophy has continued with the Luna with the release mechanism being paced in the front and at the base. An added benefit is that this may stop some youngsters playing with the release mechanism.

Maxi Cosi inserts

Maxi Cosi have provided Infant inserts for children; from 6 to 12 months of age only, for parents who want to go froward facing from an earlier age.

Maxi Cosi Luna Questions

Below are some questions that I feel should be answered

  1. Will the maxi cosi luna have their top height market at 51cm or will it be 49 cm
  2. Will the head rest go all the way up to the top marker or stop short of the top marker
  3. Will the installation path take into account that many Australian cars have ALR