maxi xosi citi capsule review

The Maxi Cosi Citi is a cheap Capsule; designed to capture the market for those not wanting to spend too much

The Citi capsule, is an A1 car seat; which is designed for babies from birth to a maximum of 6 months. However given that the Citi Capsule only has two slots; I do not expect many parents will get the full 6 months out of the capsule. If your child is pre-mature then a far better option is to go for the latest Britax Unity capsule; which is possible to configure for premmie baby.

Short and Narrow

The maxi cosi Citi is a narrow seat and short seat. This can useful when you want to install the capsule on the drivers side; however the short duration that you can use the capsule; means you need to face the fact you need to move the front seat forward sooner than later

The canopy of the seat seems to be very flimsy and of a very thin fabric, how log this will last will possibly depend upon usage


Capsule Angle

Investigating the installation for citi Capsule,; the first thing most parents will notice is that the base for the Capsule does not have an adjustable foot; so it is only ever intended for the middle position of for car with very flat seats. In essence this rules it out being used in any sort of for, Holden or cars with bucket seats.

Low Base

Due to the low height of the base; then there are going to be problems with cars that have long stalk for the buckle of te seat belt. In many cases when there is a long stalk on the seat belt buckle; adjusting the footrest will resolve the issue. However give the maxi cosi citi; does not have a foot rest then you will need to change the car seat for another capsule

Maxi Cosi Citi Seat Belt Path

The only positive i can praise on the maxi cosi citi; is that the seat belt path seems to be tight and appears not to require any gated buckle. However even given this; I would still use a gated buckle, to ensure that the base stays stable.

Maxi Cosi Citi Conclusion

NOT RECOMMENDED - The Citi Capsule is a cheap option when looking for a capsule. It only has two harness slot positons; limiting your child to 4 momths of age before they outgrow the capsule. The September 2019 statement from maxi cosi; means that you can no longer use padding under the capsule; limiting the use of the capsule to just flat surfaces.