Maxi Cosi Aura carseat-booster-seat

NOT RECOMMENDED : Just read a very concerning review on the Maxi Cosi Aura. The Aura is the new B/E type child restraint introduced after the standards which were updated in September 2014.

Aura Head Rest stability

The Aura is a B/E child restraint which means that the child restraint can be used from 6 months through to 4 years of age in forward facing restraint and then from 4 years of age to 8 years of age in booster mode. Unfortunately when your child reaches the booster mode marker, there is no mechanism other than the marker to stop you using the internal harness. In the scenario where the mother continues to use the internal harness past the marker to change over to booster mode, then when mum tries to tighten the internal harness and make it more secure, the head rest drops down to a lower position.

This in my opinion makes the maxi cosi aura a very unsafe to use. This is especially dangerous; as there is no warning to indicate the internal harness is being used past its safe limit.

Aura Shoulder straps by Maxi Cosi

Once again Maxi Cosi have attached the shoulder protection pads to the back of the cover. This makes it difficult to lengthen the harness straps; without pulling from the bottom of the harness .Either way many parents do disconnect the velcro shoulder straps.


After viewing the Aura Child Restraint; and trying out the operation of the B/E child restraint; I have came to the same conclusion and cannot recommend the Aura as a child restraint. Should Maxi Cosi remedy the issues; we will have another look at the Aura as a child restraint for 6months to 8 years of age.