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Introducing the Joie Infant Carrier

The Joie Gemm baby capsule is an infant car seat designed to protect young children by giving them a seat rich in safety features.

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This baby capsule is a hidden gem. While other models get the lion’s share of the attention, the Joie Gemm just goes about its job, keeping children extremely comfortable, and extremely safe.

The Joie Gemm carseat is the perfect partner for your favourite stroller, which keeps you moving even when your child is sleeping. The great news is that it is compatible with a Maxi-cosi by just buying Maxi-cosi adaptors for your pram.

Gemm Baby Capsule Safety Features

Joie Gemm baby capsule sideview
  • Side impact protection gives optimal security against side impact
  • -
  • Multi-position, ergonomic carry handle with sure-grip over mould for optimum comfort
  • 5-point harness system with front tension adjustment
  • Airline Certified so you and baby can always travel with ease

Additional Features Joie Infant carrier

  • Padded harness cushions and lower buckle cover for baby’s comfort
  • Cosy, newborn pillow gives a perfect, snug fit for newborns
  • Retractable sun canopy offers ideal protection and also removes for extra fresh air
  • Removable and machine washable fabrics
  • Curved base allows for rocking and relaxing
  • Easily attaches to all Joie strollers to form a travel system, no car seat adapters needed
  • Attaches to other strollers using a Maxi-Cosi car seat adapter

Installation of the Joie Gemm Capsule

Joie Gemm infant carrier

Unlike many other capsule on the market; the Joie Gemm infant carrier is a breeze; with loads of features to make the capsule installation, easy for most parents.

The dual bubble level indicators show the proper angle for installation; so that you know when the base and the infant carrier are at the right angle.

Unfortunately though, like most child restraint manufacturers, they have assumed that car-seat are flat. This is not the case, and in many instances the back seat is usually a deep bucket seat; making it almost impossible to get the buckle indicator at the correct angle. aim to get the back of the capsule around 45 degrees.

The adjustable foot to take into account deeper seats; is totally inadequate as it is only about an 3 cm in height and make very little difference.

Stabilising bar

The stabilizing bar is almost vertical; meaning that when the back of the rear seat is not vertical; then there is a significant gap between the stabilizing bar and the seat. This problem is exasperated when the angle of the rear seat depart from the vertical position.

The upper tether strap is a single strap going to the anchor point; meaning there is a better chance it will be possible to fit the capsule in the middle. However you still may have the issue with the middle position; being raise higher than the side seats, potentially preventing you from using the middle seat.

Lastly the there is a secure lock off clamp that is supposed to eliminate the need for a gated buckle. However in practice you need to use a gated buckle; to preventt the webbing crunching up, and making it difficult to close the lock off clamp.


Summary Gemm Baby Capsule by Joie

The Joie Gemm Infant Carrier, comes in Midnight and Red and is available exclusively from Independent Baby Shops. This is great value for money. The Joie Gemm can be used from birth through to 13kgs; and has an installation that makes other capsule seem downright clunky.

It is cheaper and smaller than the Maxi cosi; and the Britax unity capsule, making it great value for money. Additionally it works with all prams with maxi cosi infant carrier capsule adapters.

In short there is no choice; especially since the Joie prams and strollers are some of the lightest around; making it so much easier for women who do not want to build muscles just to push their pram..

Update there is a newly released infa arlo pram being released early May; which may be the best infant carrier to be released in 2015

Joie Gemm Baby Capsule on Sale

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