joie curve car seat review

The Joie Curve car seat is a new 0 - 4 yr old car seat, Initial impressions look like that it is a nice small seat, however the user quickly notices that this car seat is only an A2 car seat which means that you can only keep your child rear facing until the roughly 12 months of age.

The fact that the seat is only an A2 should be enough to pursuade most people to move on, however when one cosiders the rrp of the seat is set at $549 then this is a high priced A2 car seat

The seat looks like it has had inspiration from all other manufacturers with the harness adjuster being almost identical to te Safety 1st Prime AP; like most car seats (the exception being Infa) with a hassle free harness, you need top loosen the harness before you can lift it up. However you also need to loosen the harness before you lower it, this seems strange as there should be plenty of harness available to perform the adjustment.

Joie Curve Recline Adjustment

The recline mechanism is very similar to the recline mechanism on the Infa car seats wit a red handle at the from but with only 3 positions available; 1 for rear facing and two for forward facing. The concept seems good but once again the rrp is rather high.

Forward facing lock off clip

Like some of the Britax models, the Joie Curve has a red lock off clip on the side to help keep the seat belt secure, this

Joie Curve car seat height markers

joie curve height markersThe Joie Curve only has two height markers, indicating that this is an A2 child restraint, The first height marker is set to around 34-35 cm indicating a large 12 month old, however the second height marker is only at around 36 cm, which means that you will be lucky to get 3 years of use out of this seat, let alone trying to get 4 years out of the child restraint.

Cheapest Joie Curve Carseats Online

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