Infa-secure Kompressor isofix-1140-550

The Infa Kompressor II comes with Isofix connections so that many parents will opt for the isofix installation for the Kompressor. Infa secure have identified the seat as isofix compatible with a large label at the top of the Kompressor

Is the Isofix installation as easy as many pundits would like for us to believe; or is it another case of a nosiy minority forcing their will upon the masses.

Isofix connections

When Installing the Isofix connections, we need to look underneath all the padding and the foam to identify the two isofix compartments which contain the isofix connectors.

Isofix Installation

Take out the isofix connectors and feed them through the path in the side for the seatbelt. Next lengthen the straps and connect the isofix connectors to the isofix attachments.

isofix tension indicators

Next pull on the straps towards the seat until the indicator turns green. repeat for the other side. Do not move the seat around as this may loosen the already secure isofix connector.

One point which many people may notice is that with both indicators green, the child restraint may not feel as tight as your previous seat belt installation.

This is ok as long as both indicators are a solid green color. There has been an urban myth in the child restraint industry that the car seat should be rock hard. This is factually incorrect and designed to pitch carseat fitters against each other.

Kompressor isofix installation summary

The Isofix installation should not take any longer than about 10 minutes, which includes the time to take the Kompressor out of the box and install the car seat. so a huge bonus and a easier install than the maxi cosi ISOGO Child restraints, read more about the installation of Isofix Car seats

Overall very easy seat to install in comparision to other isofix compatible restraints. When you struggle with the installation of Kompressor always contact a Professional baby car seat installer or click the button below to make a booking with Anthony our recommended baby car seat fitting expert in Melbourne