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Introducing the Infa Arlo Baby Capsule

The Infa Arlo baby capsule was released April 17, as well as being shown at the Hobart Baby Expo on the weekend of the 18 and 19 April 2015.

The Infa Arlo baby capsule has been designed with a very small base so that it will fit into smaller cars without losing too much leg room. Most cars can simply make the seat more vertical without loss of leg room, though not making it vertical will be more comfortable.

The only car that will have a major benefit from the smaller dimensions is the Toyota Echo, this car is NOT a family car and is designed for a single person.

Aircraft Use

The Arlo capsule has also been designed, to be used on aircrafts; and has a special seatbelt path for aircraft. The Arlo as well as being made smaller; so that it can use used and has a special sticker to indicate the infant carrier is aircraft ready.

Included with the Arlo are Interchangeable snugglers / inserts that come in a range of colors(7). Hopefully Infa have made the inserts easy to remove ;without needing to disconnect the harness like many other baby capsule head snugglers.


Infa have made their infant capsule available in both the ISOFIX and NON Isofix variations. This is a plus, as many other manufacturers; have removed the NON isofix variations; and combined them into one model According to the website the price difference is minor (approximately $40 at rrp levels)


Infa Baby capsule and travel system

One thing many parents will notice; is the abscense of a rebound bar. This initially did not concern me as Infa have never had a rebound bar on any of their seats. Further reading of the information on the INFA website; indicates that the Arlo Infant capsule, has been integrated with an anti-rebound bar into the carrier handle.

This is a concern; as it means that parents must remember to move the carrier handle (this is a change of behaviour); to make contact with the back of the seat.

Travel System

The Arlo capsule, has been designed to work with the Arlo pram; to form a travel system. The cost of the pram and stroller; is roughly $640 taking the overall purchase price to over $1000 when buying both the stroller and the infant carrier.

There a many other prams on the market which have a larger carrying capacity than the arlo pram (15kg) and cost significantly less. try it out in a store around MAY 2015 and decide for yourself.

Infa Arlo infant carrier feature Summary

  • Rearward facing to large 6 month old
  • ISOFix Compatible Installation (On ISOFix Compatible Model)
  • Super simple seatbelt installation
  • Anti-rebound bar built into carrier handle
  • Newborn comfort insert & head pillow
  • Aircraft certified
  • UV rated sun hood
  • Aircraft certified
  • Travel System when paired with Arlo Stroller

Cheapest Infa arlo capsule Online

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