The Infa Kompressor Caprice carseat offers an amazing range of features; not withstanding a beautiful design and the highest levels of safety for your child.

The Infa - Secure Kompressor series of child restraints; has a newly designed very small footprint helping it to fit 3 across smaller cars.

The design of the infa Kompressor helps to make installation easier; by providing better and easier access to the vehicle seat-belt buckle. This makes it possible to fit three child restraints across the back seat; when other car seats will only fit 2 across  the rear seat.

The Infa Kompressor child restrain has a narrow width; and the shortest rearward facing length of any 0 to 4 car seat,.

The Infa Kompressor series child restraints are Type A2 restraints; meaning they are suitable for rearward facing to a large 12 month old (average 30 month old).

The Infa Kompressor is currently the only rear facing child restraint; which has been designed in Australia to incorporate a unique rebound base, preventing rebound in case of an accident.

All this means you don't have to deal with any extra steps; involving pull-up rebound bars, or worry about hard plastic objects becoming hazards in the event of an accident.

The five shoulder harness slot heights and nine recline positions in forward facing mode; cater for an extremely broad range of children, from 12 months to large four year olds (average 6 year olds).

The Kompressor Caprice  series features the easy to use single belt path; making installation a breeze, whether in rearward or forward facing modes.

A easy and simple pass-through threading of the seatbelt; the attachment and adjustment of the top tether; means the Kompressor series can be installed in under a minute - perfect if you frequently move the restraint between vehicles.