infa secure grandeur review

Introducing Infra Grandeur Baby Car Seat

Infa Grandeur Car Seat Treo
The Infa Secure Live Event at 7pm on 20 Jan 2016, saw the introduction of the Ifa Grandeur, the first complete baby car seat which incorporates both extended forward facing (G) and extended rear facing (A4) with a compact design of 44 cm at its widest point making it as slim as some of the compact carseats on the market at the present time.

Extended Rear Facing

Infa Introduced their first A4 Car seat with the introduction of the Infa Quattro car seat which is the smallest car seat on the market with a width of only 42 cm at its widest point.

The Infra Grandeur car seat continues the Infa A4 Car seat introduction which many people have been waiting for since July 2015, allowing children to be rear facing up to an average of 30 months with an exit marker of 39 cm. The 30 month figure is for an average child, and premmie child may be rear facing longer.

Extended Forward Facing

The Infa Grandeur Car seat sees the introduction of a another G seat to compliment the Infa Evolve Car carseat, one of only two baby carseats on the market they are extended forward facing and have a hassle free harness.

Smallest extended forward facing car seat

The great news is that the Infa Grandeur car seat is the smallest car seat on the market measuring only 44 cm at its widest point meaning that it is smaller than the maxi guard, smaller than the maxi cosi aura and smaller than the Safety 1st sentry; in fact it is the same size as the slim-line ahr compaq car seat.

Travel Safe with Secur-air

Many parents do not realise that all INFA Secure car seats are blow molded which makes the child restraints inherently safer as they have air injected with the plastic. Squeeze an Infa Car seat today and listen to the air just like one big cocoon around your child. No add-ons, no upgrades and no extra cost.... The Infa Quattro car seat has ACT (Air Cocoon Technology).

Infa as the leaders in car safety technology have innovated a new safety feature; the Secur-air crumple zone, which works together with the Air Cocoon Technology to provide superior head protection for your child. You know with Infa your Child is protected.

Hassle Free Harness

The Infa Grandeur carseat; like infa Evolve is much easier to use than many other child restraints on the market; with features such as the "Twist and Lift" mechanism. The Twist and LIft allows the internal harness to be adjusted; without the need to un-install the child restraint to adjust the harness height. Additionally there is no re-threading of the harness; just a single handed twist and lift and you are set for the new harness position.

Unlike other child restraints with a harness adjusting mechanism; the infa grandeur does not need to have the harness loosened before you lift the harness to the new position. Thus making the Infa Grandeur car seat one of the easiest child restraints to use in Australia.

Active babies stay Cool with Infa Treo fabrics

Infa have also introduced a new hard wearing, cool and breathable active fabric which helps to keep you child cooler; by drawing moisture away from the babies skin. However the engineers at Infa wanted more and designed the Quattro and the covers to be machine-washable, with " covers.." which can easily be removed for cleaning "..without having to uninstall the seat..". The introduction of the Treo Fabric; means that all 3 car seat manufacturers now have fabrics which keep babies cool in summer.

Summary - Infa Grandeur Car seat Review

RECOMMENDED - The Infa Grandeur is a break through in safety and innovation. The Grandeur makes it possible to purchase only one car seat; with no compromise in safety or features for your child. The advantages of extended rear facing and extended forward facing; and a hassle free harness make the choice a no brainer when you want just a single seat.

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