Compare Britax maxi-guard

When you compare Britax Maxi Guard to the Infa Secure Emerge there is no comparision on safety issues. The Britax maxi Guard is easier to use, easier to ajdjust , it is more comfortable for your child and is a narrow extended harnessing car seat; such that it will fit into the middle of MOst SUV's.

infa-secure evolve aquaSome time has passed since the Type G child restraint has been introduced to Australia, with 2 dominant players on the market for the type G child restraint. Extended harnessing is the best option for a child once they are forward facing. However understanding which is the best extended harnessing seat for your child is crital'so we Compare Britax Maxi Guard to the Emerge/Evolve and the maxi cosi luna.

What is a type G child restraint - A type G child restraint is an extended forward facing child restraint that keeps children harnessed from 6 months to 8 years of age (approximately)

Maxi Cosi Aura child restraint

The Maxi Cosi Aura is NOT a Type G child restraint but it is a B/E type child restraint which means that it is a booster type seat where you use the normal lap sash seat belt and not the internal harness once your child reaches the marker for booster use.

Maxi Cosi Titan Pro

The Maxi Cosi Titan Pro is NOT a Type G child restraint but it is a B/E type child restraint which means that it is a booster type seat w; ere you use the normal lap sash seat belt and not the internal harness once your child reaches the marker for booster use.

Britax Maxi Guard

The Britax Maxi Guard now comes in 3 variations, the basic, Pro version and Pro plus version, The Pro Version has added SICT for the Boday and head, Thermo5 fabric and cup holders. The Pro PLus version is the same and the pro version but has stain protection for the fabric and memory foan for added comfort.

Compare Britax Maxi Guard against the Evolve

Britax maxi-guard reclined

Problems with Maxi Guard carseat

The Britax Maxi Guard is not very different than the Maxi Rider Easy Adjust, with the exception of now being harnessed internally to 8 years of age, so naturally the number of issues concerning the Maxi Guard will be minor.

The only problem with the maxi guard, is when your car has a low roof or rear quarter panel angled in; then the height adjustment mechanism may be hindered making it difficult to raise the harness to the full height.
Solution - do a test fit to ensure you do not have a problem.

Problems with the Infa Emerge carseat

The Infa Emerge is a new seat for Infa and a complete new design meaning that there will be more issue concerning the emerge. Whether these are sufficient to make you purchase another seat that is to be determined.

  • Tensioning the harness
  • Head Flop / Recline of the seat
  • Harness increment

Compare Britax Maxi Guard Harness adjustment

The Harness Adjustment mechanism on the britax maxi guard is easier to use than the twist and lift mechanisn on the infa secure emerge Emerge. The size of the harness adjustment (increment) on the Infa Secure emerge is roughly 40 mm; Compare Biotax Maxi Guard harness increment of 15 mm; it is clear the britax maxi guard will be closer to your childs shoulders and terefore keep your child safer.

Car seat recline/head flop - Compare

The Britax Maxi Guard has 2 recline positions available for your child, teh first positions is upright for those children that love to view the surrounding world and take in all its beauty. The second position is a recline angle that regardless of seats in your car; alllowing your child to sleep on a long drive without any head flop. Compare this to the Infa secure emerge, which conforms to the recline angle of your cars seat.

When installing the Infa Secure Evolve/Emerge, the child restraint gets pulled back into the seat and as such changes the angle which you just adjusted; and in many cases the Evolve child restraint becomes very vertical. Solution - Adjust the angle of the back seat to be more recline (unfortunately many cars cannot adjust the angle of the back seat).

Secure Harness - Compare Britax maxi Guard

The Britax Maxi Guard has a harness increment of 15 mm; meaning that the harness will be closer to your childs shoulders, keeping them safer. Tensioning the harness is easy and can be done, without any strain or effort. Compared to the Infa Secure which has a harness increment of 40 mm and the fact many parents have documented the problems on facebook.

The facebook group "Is your child restrained correctly?"; there have been alot of complaints from Mums, who cannot tighten the harness. There have been suggestions made by other mums such as it is a rachet system and you need to tighten in small adjustments to you need to pull the strap downwards and not upwards. However even with these suggestions the problem persists.


FactorMaxi GuardEvolve
Width at base28.5 cm43 cm
Width at top47 cm49 cm
Depth of Seat41.5 cm49 cm
Height67.5 cm to 86.5 cm75cm to 85 cm
Exit Marker51 cm51 cm


FactorMaxi GuardEvolve
Impact ProtectionInjection moulded shell with SICT cushioningBlow Moulded shell "Air Cocoon" means no SICT as it compresses to take impact
HarnessAdjustable from top - This might be more difficult in lower roofed carsAdjustable while installed from behing head - "Twist and Lift" can sometimes be hard to find next harness position
Harness BuckleAdjustable - has spring material to keep buckle forward (so it does not go under childs bum when getting in)Adjustable
Belt Clamps/ Gated buckleNone provided can be bought seperatelyRed Safe Grip Clamp provided on premium versions
Made in AustraliaShell made in Australia, buckles, straps and covers made overseasNo

Comfort and Convenience

Comfort and Convenience
FactorMaxi GuardEvolve
PaddingGoodMums report back lumbar is uncomfortable
Shell CoverMust be un-installed to be washedCan be taken off while installed
Arm restsWipeable rubbery type material
arms can be raised/lowered
Fabric covering armrests
armrests are static
Buckle HoldersHas one on each sideNone
Cup Holders2 rotating cup holders2 pop out