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Maxi Cosi

Maxi Cosi Euro NXT Review

Summary Maxi Cosi Euro NXT

Not Recommended - The maxi cosi Euro NXT is the original Euro but with lower height markers, meaning your child will only last until is approximately 3 years of age. This is oslution for the Maxi Cosi recall which had tensioning issues and was not tested as an A4 extended rear facing baby car seat

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Infa Secure

Infa Quattro Review – 2020

Not Recommended - The Infa Secure Quattro is 4 years old and is still the slimmest rear facing baby car seat on the market. The Infa Secure Quattro despite being feleased over 4 years ago, still does not have Isofix as a means on installation, making the installation harder for parents. The larger harness increaments; mean that the harness is not as secure as the Britax Graphene. Lastly the centre top tether location hake the Infa Secure quattro an unsuitable baby car seat when your car has an integrated headrest.

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