BPA free Baby Bottles Australian Brands

BPA free Baby Bottles - Australian Brands

The talk is going around about BPA (Bisphenol A) free Baby Bottles, however much of the talk is outside of Australia and difficult to understand and relate to the Australian Products. In Australia we have a government, who is not interested in responding to emails and ignores the issue when it is brought to their attention. That any compliance is voluntary and that as far as the government is concerned then if nothing happens then they are happy.

Why do we need BPA

This attitude is not sufficient and there is a need to follow Canada's example and ban the chemical. Children and babies do not have the choice to determine whether they want to be poisoned by the chemical in the bottle to make the bottle clear, rigid and shatterproof. If a child was asked, "would you like to increase you chances of breast cancer, prostate cancer or an early onset of puberty...?" I am sure they would not answer "yes I would love to develop breast/prostate cancer." Nicola Roxon ban this horrible chemical and help our children be free of this chemical and grow up normally...

BPA Free baby Products

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Australian Made BPA free bottles

From my short investigation I have managed to identify the following Australian Branded BPA free bottles.

New Zealand Branded BPA Free Bottles

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