BPA free Baby Bottles

BPA free Bottles

This Blog has originally started as I realised that there is so much information out there and no one has the information in one place. The information concerns Products which are dangerous to a babies health such as Bisphenol A(BPA) baby Bottles, where the Chemical BPA is a known Hormone disrupter and can cause the early onset of Puberty in girls, Breast cancer and Prostate cancer as well as many more. I Have tried to find all the Australian Companies producing BPA free Baby bottles as well as BPA free baby bottles from other countries, The research on BPA has been presented and compiled together to help mothers and fathers and other parents know about the Dangers of BPA (Bisphenol A) in Baby Bottles. So far I have identified 2 Companies producing BPA free Bottles such as Milk and Tickles and Happy baby. Unfortunately Happy baby only product glass baby bottles and some plastic bottles still do have BPA(updated). A third company Grow baby has not responded with information about their BPA free baby bottles. Strangely ebay have been advertising and catching the phrase "BPA free Baby Bottles", picking up their review guide which has many deficiences. More on the ebay BPA free baby bottle guide here. However and Sadly Milk & Tickles does not optimise their website for the product which they have for sale which is BPA Free Baby Bottles, I have written a short report on this and ways on selecting a SEO company to help with your companies Search engine optimisation.
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Soy Protein Isolate - A hormone disruptor

Soy Protein Isolate is in many baby products, Such as soy milk, milk powder, as well as fillers, to bulk out a product and to extend the product. However the public is not told the full truth about these products and what the can do to you and your children. would you feed your children with a chemical which is washed with acid in aluminum vats and then neutralised with an alkaline solution.. This is some of the story about Soy protein Isolate.

Safe n Sound Car Seats - NRMA report

I also look at the reviews and bring up any inconsistencies in Car Seat reports such as how can the infa vario kid booster seat be safer than the Safe n Sound Maxirider, the choice reports still had discontinued car seats/booster seats included, as highlighted in the article, then the discontinued items should have been removed from the report prior to publication.

Tartrazine - Artificial Colouring - Babies Health

I do intend to publish information about the chemicals in our food supply which we are feeding out children, such as tartrazine which are banned in England but Australia is still allowing these chemicals to poison our children. When will Australia say no to the huge American companies and say YOU CANNOT POISON OUR CHILDREN ANY LONGER” have some guts Kevin Rudd and say no to America about these poisons, the former government did not have the courage to stand up to America

BPA Questions and more

please ask and I shall try to answer or at least make an investigation to find the answer