baby bjorn air carrier white

The Baby Bjorn Air Carrier is really a wonder to watch in action. Put an infant in it and watch all the fussing and crying just melt away. Usually, it's one of the best ways to put them right to sleep.

Baby Bjorn's Air Carrier is made from a light mesh, specially designed to keep kids and youre cool during warm or moderate weather. If you're a warm person or the mercury is just starting to rise, the heat that you and your baby share can sometimes get a little too much. This can be a problem sometimes with models like the Baby Bjorn Original Carrier and its denser poly-nylon. However, the fabric on the Air Carrier is much more breathable.


When you're interested in Baby Bjorn but just can't decide; all you need to know about the differences between the Air Carrier and others is:

  • The Air Carrier keeps you cooler than other models
  • Meant for summer and moderate weather
  • It is meant for relatively short-term use, unlike the Baby Bjorn Active Carrier, which is meant for extended use


Pros: The Baby Bjorn air carrier makes a reassuring click when fastening bubs in; in contrast, other carriers do not make that reassuring click, putting your mind at ease know bubs is safe and secure. The Air carrier is designed for warmer and moderate climates; and as such it is cooler on you and bubs to wear in summer. The Air Carrier folds up compactlyand is completely machine washable. The Baby Bjorn Air Carrier is the least expensive of the baby bjorn carriers

Cons: Designed for short term use and warmer weather; some may find it expensive, the it is the least expensive of the baby bjorn carriers


Overall: Like all other Baby Bjorn Carriesr; the Air Carrier can be a little intimidating when you first get them out of the box. There seems to be a maze of straps and clips to adjust. Fortunately, the learning curve is short and it literally becomes two snaps and you're ready to go.