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Baby Bjorn Synergy

Recommended : The baby bjorn synergy is very easy to adjust the different straps; to make it comfy to carry around bubs. It is one of those baby products that does not let you down; and you do get loads of use out of it. It may be initially a bit pricey but you will get a lot of use out of it.

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Organic and Natural Baby Products

It is so exciting living in Australia now, mums and dads everywhere are becoming more concerned about the products we are using on our children and are starting companies to help promote a organic and natural baby products.

Companies such as Natures Child have released 100% organic certified and fair trade, Organic Bioliners, Driliners and the natures child Bottom balm. This is so exciting to see these products and the best part of all is that Natures child dispels the myth about Cloth nappies being more expensive or justas expensive as disposables. Natures Child show that over a three year period cloth nappies will cost around $1000+ where as Disposable nappies will cost in excess of $6000.

Many people whoa re prefering disposables, can remember mum scraping the nappy clean, letting it soak in a bucket and then washing, so much time, so much mess and mucking around and oh so stinky......

However with the Natures child bioliner organic flush-able nappy liner, all of these problems have disappeared, simply line the nappy with a bio-liner flush-able nappy liner and simply remove and flush. You can now wash the nappies directly. even if you are still not convinced and still like your disposable nappies, use a Natures child flush-able nappy liner on the inside of the disposable nappy and reduce the impact of the volatile compounds being released into the landfill..

Another Australian company I recently learnt of is Little bamboo, they produce cellular blankets which are a blend of bamboo and cotton, the little bamboo sheets are 70%bamboo and 30% cotton.

The benefits of buying little bamboos cellular blankets and little bamboo sheets is not only the softness of the bamboo, but the bamboo is grown pesticide free and organically grown so you know you are doing your best for the planet.

The bamboo uses very little or no water to grow and is 30% less susceptible to odours than cotton. Learn more about little bamboo products such as the little bamboo cellular blanket or the airwrap cot bumper