Organic and Natural Baby Products

It is so exciting living in Australia now, mums and dads everywhere are becoming more concerned about the products we are using on our children and are starting companies to help promote a organic and natural baby products.

Companies such as Natures Child have released 100% organic certified and fair trade, Organic Bioliners, Driliners and the natures child Bottom balm. This is so exciting to see these products and the best part of all is that Natures child dispels the myth about Cloth nappies being more expensive or justas expensive as disposables. Natures Child show that over a three year period cloth nappies will cost around $1000+ where as Disposable nappies will cost in excess of $6000.

Many people whoa re prefering disposables, can remember mum scraping the nappy clean, letting it soak in a bucket and then washing, so much time, so much mess and mucking around and oh so stinky......

However with the Natures child bioliner organic flush-able nappy liner, all of these problems have disappeared, simply line the nappy with a bio-liner flush-able nappy liner and simply remove and flush. You can now wash the nappies directly. even if you are still not convinced and still like your disposable nappies, use a Natures child flush-able nappy liner on the inside of the disposable nappy and reduce the impact of the volatile compounds being released into the landfill..

Another Australian company I recently learnt of is Little bamboo, they produce cellular blankets which are a blend of bamboo and cotton, the little bamboo sheets are 70%bamboo and 30% cotton.

The benefits of buying little bamboos cellular blankets and little bamboo sheets is not only the softness of the bamboo, but the bamboo is grown pesticide free and organically grown so you know you are doing your best for the planet.

The bamboo uses very little or no water to grow and is 30% less susceptible to odours than cotton. Learn more about little bamboo products such as the little bamboo cellular blanket or the airwrap cot bumper


Organic Baby Products

Are you looking for Organic Baby Products, but find it difficult to find them all in one place or the organic baby products have a premium price on them,

Other Organic Products which you may not be aware of include the Nature Purist Organic ranges of blankets and sheets, the Kiddopotamus Swaddle me organic wrap, BPA free bottles including the Glass Happy Baby bottle, the Igrow Australian made bpa free baby bottles, the avent bps free baby bottle.

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Childcare Centres in Doubt

Nannies and Au Pairs

A long long time ago, Australia had community run Childcare centres, that helped mums and dads that needed to work to make ends meet.

However as Globalisation started to get firmly entrenched, we started to see Young Women going overseas to become Au Pairs and nannies, with a similar trend of young women coming to Australia to be an au pair and to learn about Australia an au pair visa was introduced to facilitate this.

Unexpectedly a strange thing started to happen, the community centres were being sold off (Privatised) and being taken over by companies.

A move which should never happen as a company will always look at how they can maximise profit and ensure the companies share value and profit is always rising.

Childcare Priorities

Looking after children is in contradiction to capitalism where you must make money at any cost, however the moment that you start to look at the bottom line then cost must be reduced and when you start to reduce the costs in child care centres then only cost you can reduce is the cost of caring for the children.

Rumours abound about the type of cost cutting exercises, forced upon some of the child care centres such as limiting the number of nappy changes that a baby may have done (meaning the child will sit in a soiled napped for hours causing skin irritation and more), the number of sandwiches/food which a child may have during the day, getting sponsorship from fast food/frozen food manufacturers and then just serving this type of food to the children, reducing the number of children per child care worker and / or having more juniors so less wages need to be paid.

Before too long, the au pair visa was withdrawn in Australia, the moment the child care centres started to become a force in the stock market and their capitalisation was being impact by a scheme where parents can get a dedicated and enthusiastic young girl, look after their child/children in their home.

Now should any young woman come to Australia to be a nanny/ au pair then they must apply for a working holiday visa where they can only work 3 months out of the year where there are no control imposed upon the industry and their is no supervising body to look after (and protect) these young women.

Nanny and Au Pair Regulation

In Europe where young women are encouraged to become au pairs and nannies, there are strict guidelines and protections in place such as having health insurance for the au pair, that the au pair must have time off to learn the language of the country, that the au pair cannot be asked to work more than x hrs per week as well as the wages paid to au pairs.

ABC Learning

One of the largest child care centres to arise out of this abandonment of au pair program and the sell off of the community centres, is ABC learning, who had a meteoric rise to fame buying up the child care centres faster than they could be sold off.

Up until recently the ABC child centres was a huge corporate success, rising to $8.80 at its peak, everything they touched turned to gold, parents praising the glories of the centres and criticisms deflected as disgruntled employees or unhappy parents, no real investigation was made to ascertain the truth or untruth of these rumours, not even a nightly 6:30 report for one of those popular programs that screen those dodgy stories and sometimes even dodgier informercials being sponsored by one company or other The fact that abc are now at 54 cents and that their report which has been delayed more than once.

Failure of Privatisation

On the 27 August ABC published a story and history into ABC Learning and Eddy Groves, and the fact started to become apparent, that much of what was going on was a façade, that the story reports that the founder was a gambler and that behind the façade there was a huge real estate play. everyone wanted to believe that privitisation was the way of the future and that governments should have no role in managing services. ABC learning showed that Privatisation did work, We did not want to t\look too closely, we did not want to know the truth.

24 September ABC Learning are now facing a $100 m class action, with the litigation provider IMF Australia financing the class action to be brought by hundreds of shareholders, many whom have seen the shares plummet by more than 90% to it current levels from the highs which it experienced.

Return of Community Child care centres

24 October the ABC reported how casual child care workers are being sent home, trading in ABC learning has been suspended since September, with Deputy Prime Minister Julia Gillard calling on ABC Learning to publish its overdue financial accounts as quickly as possible, so everyone can get clarity... Julia Gillard refused to give details of the contingency plans the federal Government is drawing up in the event of a collapse of ABC Learning..

Yesterday ABC Learning failed to publish its financial statements again, this is the third time the Company has failed to publish the 2008 fiscal results and it is just one excuse after another, we all know the result is going to be bad, it is simply now a matter of creative accounting to make the figures look better than they really are.

Rumours have started that the government is going to bail out ABC Learning as it is too important for parents who are working and have children in the centres.. I believe the government should let the company collapse and that the community centres buy back these child care centres and that it is a service that council should provide to help out parents who both need to work to make ends meet.

Positive Parenting

Parents need to realise that their children need them. Children need a positive role model in their lives and a parent is the only person who can provide this positive role model, a disgruntled child care worker cannot provide this positive role model, being in a child care centre does not teach children how to share, essentially it is the toughest and rudest who win out amongst the children.
Morals and Values of my Child

It was once said give me a child for the first 5 years of their life and I will impart all the learning and values the child will have for the remainder of their lives after the first 5 years then it become alot harder and more difficult to change the values of the child. Why on earth do we then put our children into child care at such a young age, where we do not know the social and moral values of the child care workers. I would not be surprised when parents look at each other and say where did our child get these morals and values from it is only then they start to reflect that they put their child into child care and they realise the values their teenage son/daughter has is the values imparted during their early life.