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Infa Arlo pram and Complete Travel System

Infa Secure have released the Arlo Stroller and the Arlo Infant carrier making the Infa arlo pram a complete travel system

You can purchase the Infa Secure pram by itself or you can make a complete travel system. News and information from INFA indicate that a number of brands are in discussion with Infa presumably to make adapters to fit the capsule ?

Going for a small shopping trip, Simply unclip the Infant carrier from its base, clip it onto the pram and you’ll be out-and-about without having to even unbuckle them.

arlo stroller hand-brakeThe Arlo Stroller easily converts from a flat bassinet into a seated toddler stroller. The Toddler seat can be reclined to 4 positions witha reversible handle covered with real leather (a touch of luxury). The features dont stop there, with a reversible seat, UV sunhood, plush boot cover and fitted rain cover to cover just a few more.

The Arlo Stroller easily converts from a bassinet style lay down pram, to rearward facing stroller, to forward facing stroller.

arlo pram 3 modes or travellingOne of the biggest problems with many prams on the markets is that you need to almost drop everything and use both hands to be able to fold and un-fold the prams. On the other hand the Infa ARLO Stroller is an easy to fold and adjust the stroller, with one-handed fold and one-handed telescopic handle height adjustments.

The stroller is available in seven colours, while the stroller also comes in two frame colours and includes a 25 litre accessory basket.


Infa have made their infant capsule available in both the ISOFIX and NON Isofix variations. This is a plus, as many other manufacturers; have removed the NON isofix variations; and combined them into one model According to the website the price difference is minor (approximately $40 at rrp levels)

Disadvantages of ARLO Stroller

One of the biggest disadvantage of the Infa ARLO Stroller; is that it an only handle a 15kg child. For most parents this means that the child will only be roughly 10 to 12 months of age; before they will not longer be able to use the stroller/pram travel system.

There is no information as to what adapters are or will become available; this should have been clarified before the release announcement; allowing parents to plan out their purchases in the next couple of months.

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The price tag of the Infa Arlo Pram and Travel System; is definitely value for money; with the Infant Carrier and Infant Carrier base retailing at $349.99 for the non-ISOFIX model; or retailing at $389.99 for the ISOFIX model. The Arlo Stroller, has a competitive retail price of $629.99; is an all inclusive package; and consists of a rain protector, plush boot cover and one seat that converts to a bassinet. Arlo adapters (rrp $49.99).

Summary INFA ARLO Prams and Travel system

Overall the Infa arlo stroller has many of the features and benefits of prams at twice the price; one major dis-advantage; it can only handle 15kgs. If you know that your child will reach that weight before 12 months of age; then you may want to consider another pram that will last you longer.

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